Monday, 12 February 2018

Canadian Tourist Expresses Disappointment After This Filipino Charge Him $3k CAD For Food & Drink

Filipinos are known to be a happy people. Most of the foreign people you meet will tell you that they love meeting Filipinos because of their jolly attitude.
But then, then there are those who are unlucky to meet Filipinos who take advantage of them.
This is what a foreigner who goes by the name of Kengo M on Facebook shared. Unfortunately, he got into the bad side of Manila.

Photo Credit: Kengo M/Facebook

And may we just say that these kinds of Filipinos are the ones ruining our credibility for the other countries?

It all started badly

According to Kengo, the scamming started at the airport. He apparently asked for a metered taxi because he wanted to see how much he would be paying. But the airport officials said the metered taxis are all outside the city, so he was forced to pay P2000 for a 15-minute ride.
He took another taxi after and this time it was a metered taxi. He asked the driver about what the airport told him and he was told that they lied so they can ask for P2000. What a shame!

And then the worse came

When he was looking for a place to go, he rode a taxi and told the driver to just take him somewhere nice, not knowing that saying that will be the start of his worst night in the Philippines.
The driver took him to Club Apeiro, where a man detained him in a room forcing him to pay $3000 for a meal and pay with a credit card.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Kengo also mentioned that the men who detained him took $1000 by force. He said he used his credit card to pay them.
“They took $1000 by force! you can’t talk to anyone here without them getting something from you, it’s ridiculous. I am so disappointed in Philippinos.”
The man was threatening him that they will call the police and take his passport. Thankfully, Kengo was able to take a discreet video and expose this scammer.

Photo Credit: Facebook


This happened last Saturday and as such, the embassy and the authorities where Kengo can ask for help is closed for the weekend. According to him, he will report the incident to embassy today, Monday.
Kengo, we are sorry you experienced that here, and we are waiting for your update.
Watch his video below:


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