Friday, 9 February 2018

Father Who Had No Choice But To Give His Children To The Wife Who Left Him, Finds Hope Through Tulfo

There is nothing more painful than having your children taken away from you. To add insult to the injury, sometimes, the loving parent also needs to fight for the custody of their child.
But then, just when you think there is nothing painful than that, you should hear the story of Ferlito Lacaba who has no choice but to give up the custody of his three sons to the wife who chose to leave them.

Lacaba is a stroke survivor, and as such, he can’t take care of his children and provide for them anymore while he is recuperating.
Apparently, his wife left him with the kids and chose another man and has not been in contact since.
So the poor father sought help from Tulfo’s program so he can get hold of his former wife so she can get custody of the kids.
But the mother of the kids is not answering Tulfo’s calls and has no apparent signs that she would be willing to take care of her children.

People in the comments section of the video can’t believe how heartless this mother can be.

A better solution

Not being successful in getting a hold of the ex-wife, Tulfo then proceeded to call CSWDO Pasig City’s Josefina Savinada who provided a better solution for Lacaba’s problem.
She asked that the family be sent to their office so they can interview them and provide help.

While in the office, Savinada explained that they already contacted NGO hospitals so Lacaba can get a checkup and his treatment.
While the nearest family members, which are in Laguna have also been contacted also, so they can foster the three children while the father was being treated.

A brighter future

The solution that was given to Lacaba is a lot better than what he already wanted.
The plan is to have his kids fostered by family members until such time that he is already well and can provide for his children.

Watch the video below:

Source: Raffy Tulfo In Action



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