Sunday, 11 February 2018

REVEALED: Binuking ni Duterte ang Koneksyon ni Loida Lewis sa ICC para Arestohin Siya

News of people from the opposing political fence that are plotting to prosecute the current President Rodrigo Duterte is not new anymore.

But more seldom than not, these plots have proof that accompanies them.

The President himself pointed his fingers at Filipino-American businesswoman Loida Nicolas Lewis for allegedly conspiring with the International Criminal Court to prosecute him for his crimes against humanity.

“A phone conversation gave her away” these were the words of the president himself.

President Duterte claimed in a press briefing that was held at the Matina Enclaves Residences on Friday, that he already has prior knowledge of the initiative of the ICC since Tuesday.

This, he said was based on a phone call between Lewis and an individual yet unnamed. Duterte has been accusing the businesswoman of funding destabilization efforts against him.

“We waited for it last Tuesday, but there was nothing. I know everything, tell her that I know. It’s Loida. I have the complete transcript,” the president said in Tagalog.

He also mentioned that he had foreign friends in high places to thank for the transcript that was given to him of the said phone conversation.

“I was already listening to the tapes of their conversation. It was provided to me by another country but the conversation was in Philippines and New York,”

“Loida (Lewis) was one of them. And there was this, ‘See you in the headquarters when the case is filed.’ Blah blah blah blah blah blah,” Duterte added. “From the looks of it, it’s all politics,” he pointed out, referring to the ICC initiative.

Extrajudicial killings
A day before the press briefing, the ICC announced its conduct of the preliminary examination of allegations of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines in the conduct of the Duterte administration’s war on drugs.

The case was based on the testimony of a self-confessed former Davao death squad member Edgar Matobato.

Which was then supplemented by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano with a complaint supporting the accusations.

Jurisdiction of ICC
The president and his allies are now questioning the jurisdiction of the ICC. They say that the ICC cannot intervene with a country when the country’s justice system is still working.

He also said that there is no such legal term for extrajudicial killing in the Philippines, it has not yet been incorporated in Philippine laws.

Source: PhilStar


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