Saturday, 10 February 2018

WATCH: Erwin Tulfo Calls Out DPWH-ARMM Engineer Over Road “Without A Sidewalk” Anomaly

After firing at the past administration a few days ago, Erwin Tulfo is still in Jolo, Sulu, and this time, he has some bones to pick with the engineer that supervised the road development there.
In the video, Tulfo appeared very distressed and annoyed while he was standing in the middle of a what seems to be a busy town center in Jolo, Sulu.
He showed the camera how the road he was standing on, didn’t have any sidewalk. True enough, when the camera showed the road, it was all flat and there was no sidewalk.
Everything is leveled. Naturally, the people had no bounds. The people are already almost halfway in the middle of the road, and while this is dangerous, it can also result in impending traffic. And ultimately add to the busyness of the street.
Another thing that Tulfo pointed out is that the road doesn’t seem to have a proper drainage. Since everything is just leveled, we are left wondering, where does the water go when it rains?
Tulfo proceeded in calling out the one responsible for supervising the road development.

District Engineer

He called out the District Engineer of the ARMM-DPWH District 1.  He mentioned the name Hajirol.
He went on and called Hajirol names like Tootsie Roll, Kamote Roll, Jelly Roll and all sorts of insults at some point even calling Hajirol a devil.
Of course, we all know that this is normal for the Tulfo brothers. But looking further into it, the road did seem a bit off, and the District Engineer really made a mistake.
A mistake if they didn’t just pocket the money and do the cheapest way of developing a road which does not even have a sidewalk and proper drainage.
Tulfo went on and called out the Engineer and whoever is involved for allegedly using the taxpayers’ money and not even getting the job done.
What can you say? We do hope something will be done here soon.
Watch the video below:


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