Sunday, 11 February 2018

WATCH: Fearless Maharlika Confronts Trillanes In Los Angeles

Senator Antonio Trillanes is known to be vocal in his views that are opposing the current administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

After months of being quiet, the senator held a forum in Los Angeles where he invited the media in a first come first served basis.
Thinking it was an “open to all” event, Pro-Duterte blogger Maharlika went to the event 2 hours early, to make sure that they will have seats.

The shutdown

As shown in her video, Maharlika started to record her video even before she entered the venue.
But the problem is, the moment she entered, a woman tried to have her stop the recording saying that videos are not allowed.
But Maharlika went on and asked why it was not allowed when there are several cameramen inside.
The moment she asked why, the woman raised her voice and said that these cameramen were members of the press, Maharlika went on and had her seat because as she said, she knows her right as a blogger.


After the event, Maharlika recorded another video explaining what happened inside.
She said they were preventing her from using her microphone. Well, she dismissed it because as she said, she doesn’t need a microphone she already had a loud voice.
But she couldn’t help but extend her opinion that these people are the ones being dictators. They only want “their side” there and are trying to stop people from the other side of the fence.

Photo Op

After the event, in an attempt to show that she doesn’t want to wage war on Trillanes’ event. Maharlika even went in front and had photos taken with the Senator himself.
At one point of the video, Trillanes was seen saying no when Maharlika asked him if he was going to get her banned.
Watch the whole video below:

For the explanatory video of Maharlika, watch here: 


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