Wednesday, 2 May 2018

A Japanese Tourist Comes Back to the Philippines to Thank Three Davao Policewomen!

Filipino’s are known to be hospitable and genuine hearted in helping others without expecting anything in return.


Koniko Sugiyama an elderly tourist was wandering in Davao looking for a place to eat. Along the way she met the 3 Davao Policewomen who happens that they’re about to grab their lunch too. The Policewomen saw Sugiyama~san and noticed that she’s lost and doesn’t know where to go. So they approached the tourist and asked where she’s heading to. Despite of the language barrier they still manage to understand each other and guided the tourist all along the way to SM and even treated the tourist a lunch. Then parted ways.

On April 2017, Sugiyama flew back to Davao City Police Office (DCPO) and looked for the 3 policewomen to express her gratitude. The female cops were shocked without expecting that the 74-year-old Japanese woman would make an effort to personally thank them.

April 10, 2017, the 3 female cops of Davao finally reunited with Sugiyama and happily spent a meal together, then talked about their lives. PO3 Chinglee Dalogdog said that they were just doing their responsibility as a law enforcer to serve and protect the people.

The encounter had such an impact on Sugiyama that she returned to the Philippines to personally thank the three policewomen for their help! Because the cops hadn’t messaged her at all, she went directly to the Davao City Police Department (DCPO) to ask how she could find the policewomen.

DCPO PCR Branch Chief PSUPT Jed Clamor commended the policewomen for a job well done, narrating how the tourist went to his office to search for them. According to Clamor, the tourist said she wanted to thank the policewomen; prompting him to muse that the tourist probably thought she wasn’t able to thank them enough.

When asked how they felt about Sugiyama’s visit, the policewomen expressed their surprise as they said they were only doing their jobs, knowing it was their duty to serve and protect the people as well as ensure that tourists like her will be happy with their visit.

To fully thank the policewomen, Sugiyama took them all to lunch. It is unknown whether she also gave them a reward or some sort of ‘pasalubong’ but it was more than enough for the cops that she came back to the Philippines to say “thanks”!


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