Monday, 7 May 2018

Filipino Inventor Uses Water To Fuel Motor Engine!

With the skyrocketing prices of automobile fuels, what could be the best thing that can happen these days?

Yes, you heard it right --- an engine fueled by none other than, H2O or water.

That has been the talk of the town after a Filipino inventor revealed that he can make a motorized vehicle run using water!

Meet Noli Dazo and her machine that runs using water as its fuel.

He calls it the Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen or 'Tubig na Gasolina'. Its mechanism is capable of breaking down water into its two elemental state namely oxygen and hydrogen, in which the latter fuels the motor engine to make the vehicle run. In this case, it's a motorcycle.

According to a news scoop from Philnews, Dazo was graduated to Southern Nevada in Computer Science and Engineering. He was also awarded as an 'Outstanding Filipino Inventor of the Philippines.

Philnews wrote:
The Only One in the World and Only One in the Philippines, for 90 million TODA from Region 1 to Region 12 , Luzon , Visayas and Mindanao...gumamit na ng " Tubig Na Gasolina " ni Noli Dazo " , 3x times faster than premium gasoline , "Outstanding Filipino Inventor " in the field of Innovative Products Invention .Best of the Best in the Philippines!
According to the news scoop, the Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen burns more quickly and more efficiently. And since it is using water, the fuel burns more cleanly thus proving to be truly eco-friendly.


Watch the video:

How efficient is it? According to the post, the so-called 'Tubig na Gasolina' provides slightly improved power that provides the same power with less fuel consumption!

Additionally it has some other good effects to the engine because its bi-product steam will eventually cool the engine translating to more efficient performance of the steam-cooled mechanism. Also, they mentioned about the 'steam-cleaning effect' on the carbon deposits found inside the engine. Bottomline, it cleans your engine.

According to the news, the amazing invention is yet to be supported by the Philippine government and the inventor himself is in dire need of financial support to take this great invention out in the market where the public can greatly benefit from it.

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