Thursday, 10 May 2018

Former Gasoline Boy Reveals Their Former Modus Operandi “Putok Bala” That They Use To Cheat Money Off Of Their Customers

Oil is one of the basic commodities we need. Cars and engines will not work without oil. Despite inflation rate and price hike, still, motorists patronize the product. The high price of oil in the world market does not stop the people from purchasing cars.

A Facebook post went viral when a former gasoline boy, Jahaziel Selosa Falla revealed the “Putok Bala” modus. The modus primarily involves the gasoline boys as they are the ones who carry out the action.

Putok Bala Modus It is usual for some motorists to not look through on the meter, giving the gasoline boys benefit of the doubt. Little do we know that we were being robbed by their modus.

According to Falla’s post, the “Putok Bala” modus works this way as stated, The scam starts before a motorist come to the station and load for a gasoline. There must be two consecutive customers to make the modus successfully executed.

For an instance, the first customer load for a hundred peso worth gasoline and left, the gasoline boy will not actually put back the nozzle, so as not to restart the meter. The next non-looker motorist will ask for, let’s say 1,000 worth of gas.

The customer, thinking that he’ll get the right amount of litres, will only get 900 pesos worth as the first motorist already got the first hundred worth of oil. The excess money will go to the gasoline boy.
Netizen’s reactions Many netizens have expressed hate and anger on the post, calling out the oil companies to look on the scam. Some shared their horror story about the little scam of gasoline boys and revealed that they have experienced it themselves. As of now, the original post from Falla is already deleted.

But before he turned it down, people have seen and shared it already. This kind of deception to people deserves an action from the government.


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