Saturday, 12 May 2018

Illegal Recruiter Runs Off More Than 700k, Victim Resorts To Kilos Pronto Upon NBI Release Warrant Of Arrest

Jonathan Escalante, an illegal recruitment victim seek help from Kilos Pronto. The Auto-detailing Supervisor went home from Saudi Arabia when his employer request him to come to Interactive Connection International Recruitment Agency as he wanted to hire 5 (five) domestic workers.

The Illegal Recruiter

In 2016, Jonathan went back to the Philippines to fix the recruitment papers with the agency and as per his employer’s request. Escalante met Roshel Kristine V. Lintag who is by that year no longer connected and affiliated with the said agency.

According to Jonathan, Roshel works independently helping anyone who’d like to work abroad. By that, Jonathan still pushes through the transaction with the suspect.

Escalante’s employer paid more than 700 thousand to Lintag and in an instant, gone and can no longer reachable. Upon learning the scam, Jonathan seek help from NBI and had a
signed contract agreement with Roshel that the latter will return the money if she did not get them the 5 domestic helpers as requested.

However, as days pass by, Escalante notices that Lintag is slowly being unresponsive and eventually get missing in action. As per Roshel’s neighbours and family, the woman might be in Quirino Province where she always used to go. Moreover, the suspect’s neighbours claim that the woman has been boasting in Facebook about her estafa case.

Today, a warrant of arrest has been prepared for Roshel and Sir Alex made a plea to whoever knows Lintag’s whereabouts shall inform the NBI or Kilos Pronto office.

The sad reality

The very first reason why our fellow Filipinos leave the country and work overseas is the high offer of salary that no ordinary workers can attain here in our country. Let’s admit the reality that for the blue collar workers, the salary they get is not enough to provide enough on the table.

And because of good chances and opportunities available abroad, many Filipinos get interested to push through working overseas and take the risk. Given the fact, many illegal recruiters abuse the chance of every Filipino who would like to give abroad a try. Just recently, a man resorts to Kilos Pronto, seeking help and justice from an illegal recruiter who allegedly took his employer’s money away.


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