Thursday, 10 May 2018

Kidnappers In White Van Aggressively Abducted A 7-Year Old Girl At Home In Caloocan, Luckily Escaped And Return Home

Today, it is very alarming to see the rapid increase in the number of missing children in every city. And just recently, a 7-year old girl was able to see the horrendous story come to life. The old modus of kidnappers is to get kids roaming the streets; but today, they have changed the game and become more aggressive.

As the year progresses and the world gets older, our society has never been safe. When will we ever feel secure while walking along the busy streets of Manila at any given time? We often see in the 6 pm news the alarming scandals of graft and corruption, and the spine-chilling and terrible crimes from different parts of the country.

The Tale of Kidnappers In A White Van

Parents often scare kids with a white van and that kidnappers will come after them if they will not stay at home. Well, truth be told, the old tale is true. And just a few years ago, this rumor has been proven by several kids who were able to escape from the hands of the kidnappers.

The New Modus

According to the 7-year old girl, the man knocked in their home and introduced himself as her father’s workmate. The man said that he was sent by his father to get her, and in an instant, she was put to sleep and took her away. The event took place in Barangay 167 in Caloocan City.

In an exclusive interview with GMA, the young girl woke up in a white van and saw 10 other hands tied children apart from her. Luckily, the man was not quick to move and forgot to close the door giving a chance to the young girl to escape. Smart and alert, she mixed in with the crowd and hide behind motorcycles.

Later on, a tricycle driver found her and helped her to get home safely. Back home, her worried parents are thankful to have their daughter back.


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