Saturday, 5 May 2018

Lalakeng Nagpakilalang Pulis, Binangga at Pinagsusuntok ang isang Driver sa Kalsada

Now that it is summertime in the Philippines, a lot of people get more cranky and violent as the temperature rises. It has been proven many times how the hot weather can affect someone's overall mood.
Another car rage has yet again gone viral on social media. Thanks to a CCTV nearby, the whole incident was caught on cam.

The incident


Out of nowhere, a private vehicle hit a UV Express at Holy Cross Barangay San Bartolome in Novaliches. According to Micheal Buen, driver of the UV Express, the other driver overtook him on the road and initiated the collision. He also noticed that the driver of the vehicle that hit him was intoxicated with alcohol.


Rude Driver On The Road


The unidentified driver of the Kia Soul vehicle with the plate number of PHO 577, was furious and in rage when he got out of the car even when the fault was his. Aside from claiming that he was a member of the Philippine National Police, a sticker was also seen by the victim at the back of the assailant’s car. Micheal did not only receive a death threat but he was assaulted as well by the rude and hostile driver.


A Victim's Plea and Action

Micheal Buen uploaded a CCTV footage of the incident on social media in the hopes of finding the true identity of person at fault. In the video, the driver who was claiming to be a policeman can be seen wearing a black shirt.


The victim shared it to the netizens to show what really happened that day while he seeks justice.


Watch the videos below:

Was the scorching heat of the sun to be blamed for the faulty driver's aggressiveness? What do you think? Share your thoughts on the comment box below.


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