Thursday, 3 May 2018

Netizens Bawl Out Organizers of Claimed Biggest Labor Day Rally Held on May 1 For Leaving Tons Of Garbage After The Event


Finding a job is a tough process. You get to compete with thousands of new graduates and experienced employees and prove the company that you are worth the position.
However, the industry gives an unfair deal of agreement to most of working mass- the contractualization. Militant labour groups are calling out the President to abolish such law as it is found as beneficial more on the businessmen.

The Promise of Ending Contractualization

In 2016 Presidency debate, the incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte promised to ban contractualization. And now that labour day has come, the reminder of that promise is now making a wave in the news.

Labor Day Rally

Yesterday, labor groups conducted a rally against the President. Recently, reports from different channels were released that the signing of Executive Order to ban “Endo” is not yet favored.
The May 1 rally, as claimed by the leftists is the biggest labor day rally held against President Rodrigo Duterte. However, as the day ends, a big problem arises.

The Aftermath of Rally

Social media netizens are enraged with the aftermath result of the labor groups’ program rally. The reason behind, the rallyists’ garbages left unattended and uncleaned in the streets of Metro Manila.

Netizen’s reactions

Many have expressed disappointment for leaving their mess in the place. According to some comments, organizers did not even coordinate with their group to at least clean their mess and leftovers after the program. The rallying labor groups are marked as irresponsible, disrespectful, and untidy.
Pictures from volunteer workers were posted in social media, causing a stir in netizens.
One netizen commented,
Rey Mart Magpiong:
“Yan na nga sinasabi ko eh,rally rally tas magkakalat lang nman pala ang mga utak basura! Utak basura na nga kinalat pa sa kalsada! Hai naku mga dilawan!!
Ganyan kse sila mag isip!simbolo yan ng kanilang paninindigan ang basura,!wlang kwenta!!!

DDS Rally vs Leftist Rally

Netizens compared the result of the leftist rally to a DDS rally where people are responsible enough to clean the place after the held rally.
No matter what we aim for the common good, let us not forget that streets and avenues of Manila, as our second home, deserve grooming and respect.


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