Thursday, 10 May 2018

Pres. Duterte calls Kiko Pangilinan the "most stupid" politician in Philippine history

In his speech, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte call Kiko Pangilinan as the "most stupid" politician in the Philippines history for his ill-concieved Juvenile Justice Law where law exempting minors 15 years and below to any criminal charges like rape and other heinous crimes.

“Yan ang the most stupid politician na dumaan sa mundong Pilipinas, si Pangilinan”Duterte said.

The President also lectured on how the criminal justice system works, and how the loopholes created by Pangilinan is being misused by criminals to harm the public. 

"Yan ang dahilan Makita mo yung mga teenager sa TV, nadadampot andyan sa EDSA kinukinan tapos mahuli and yet hanggang doon lang yan.” Duterte said.

“There is a social problem but the social remedy is not there. He made a law which was so short-sighted,” He added

Meanwhile, Facebook page Mocha Uson blog made a poll asking the public if they agree with President Duterte’s claim that Kiko Pangilinan is the most stupid politician in the country.

Watch the full statement below:


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