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Teenager Nag-trabaho Bilang Construction Worker Habang Nag-aaral Para Maipagamot ang Kapatid na May Malubhang Sak*t

Sometimes, to have a brother is the next best thing in the world. An author, even said, "being a brother is even better than being a superhero." Brothers grow up together, take care of each other and mostly, protect each other. 
Two young brothers live in a small village in the province of Hubei, China, with their parents. The oldest brother surnamed Ma is only 19 years old and works at a construction site to help his family earn money for his younger brother who has cancer.

Better than being a superhero 

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Ma did not mind doing heavy tasks as a construction worker as long as he can earn something. He earns the amount of 100 Yuan (approximately RM60) per day at the construction and adds it up to the family's savings allotted for his younger brother.

Ma is also studying even while working as a construction worker. He wants to become a doctor because he really hopes to save his brother's life. His little 3-year old brother is sick of Leukemia.

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"I must enter a medical school, only then, I have a chance of curing my brother," Ma explained.

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He was able to gather a total of 456 scores on his final exam. He said his strong desire to help his younger brother inspired him to study harder.

According to The Medical News Today, Leukemia is a cancer of the blood and the most common cancer of children. It can be serious but there are ways to control and treat the said illness.

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That is why Ma’s brother immediately needs to undergo bone marrow surgery. However, the medical procedure to transplant bone marrow is so expensive and the whole family knew how difficult their situation was. Along with Ma, both of their parents were also working hard and trying to earn more money.

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While everyone is out of the house working, their grandmother was left at the house to take care of his younger brother.

A miracle happened and help came 

The inspiring story of Ma went viral online within 24-hours and touched the hearts of many netizens. People who heard or watched his story voluntarily send him money as donations. He was able to raise 600,000 Yuan or RM 380,110 for his brother’s treatment.

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Overwhelmed with the help and support of so many people, Ma, cried while saying, "finally my little brother can be saved.!"

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