Monday, 7 May 2018

TRUTH REVEALED! Aquino administration ang may pakana sa paglaganap ng No. 1 Problema sa Pilipinas!

Not everyone is pleased with President Rodrigo Duterte's reassignment of Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido to Iloilo City.

The President stated that since the city is devoured by illegal drugs, he wanted to put Espenido there since the latter was able to arrest slain Albuera, Leyte Mayor  Rolando Espinosa while Ozamiz City Mayor Aldong Parojinog was killed in the drug raid operation lead by Espenido.

One of those who is pessimistic on Duterte's decision was former provincial administrator Manuel Mejorada. He said that such designation might send a negative signal to law enforcers that in order to get a promotional they must get a kill first.

Moreover, he also revealed the reason why narcotis prevailed during Aquino administration. He revealed that influential people are protectors of illegal drugs and pointed out that Jed Mabilog is just one of the small players.

Read his Facebook post below:

 Not too many people know this, but three or four years ago, the Aquino administration started to decapitate the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) by slashing its operating budget.In other words, the PDEA fought with one hand tied behind its back, not even having enough fuel budget to conduct surveillance activities and raids. Its intelligence budgetwas so minuscule that it couldn’t even offer cigarettes to informants. 
This was the reason the PDEA wasn’t able to fight the drug war on superior terms. It was literally hogtied by the very government that was supposed to direct the war against drugs. 
 To make matters worse, drug lords enjoyed protection from powerful politicians, many of whom have already been named by President Duterte. The late Melvin “Dragon” Odicta of Iloilo City enjoyed unhampered operations because no less than the Big Man tacitly tolerated his business. It was narco-politics at its worst. The drug groups were protected by the politicians. 
  The politicians, in turn, enjoyed the armed muscle of the drug lords to silence their critics. I am praying this Big Man will soon be exposed by President Duterte. Jed Patrick Mabilog was just a small player in the scheme of things.

What do you think about his revelation? Do you think Duterte is surrounded by people who are also involved in illegal drugs during Aquino administration?

Who is on top of the food chain? Who is giving all the orders? Will the President eventually find him?


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