Tuesday, 1 May 2018

WATCH: Magkakapatid na aroganteng pulis, huli sa aktong pagsugod sa nakagiriang sibilyan! Mga baril, bitbit pa kahit may gun ban!

Traffic commotion is no longer a new scene in the Philippines, it happens just about every day since many Filipinos are stubborn enough to follow traffic rules and respect their fellow drivers on the street. In fact, some commotions between drivers sometimes lead to violence due to the heat up of emotion while in the middle of the road.
In these scenarios, law enforcement officers are the ones expected to be the middleman to calm the situation and make sure that the law will be enforced. However, in this video recently going rounds on social media, it is the other way around; the police officers engaged in the road rage is the one aggressive and heating up the commotion.
According to Facebook user Jessie Malaya, it all started when his father had a road jostle with a policeman, but since his father didn’t want to make a scene, he just calmed down and didn’t mind the policeman. However, Jessie said that the officer even provoked his father even if he is the one at fault in the road conflict.
ince the other party remained calm, the situation would have ended right there and then, but things escalated quickly when the said officer called back up from his brothers who happen to be policemen as well and barged into Jessie’s residence to confront his father.
Based on the video, the three men riding their motorcycle were armed with guns even if they are wearing civilian clothes and a gun ban is currently in effect.  Jessie identified the policemen as “Soriano brother”.
Jessie added that the policemen were arrogant and allegedly drunk when they barged into their house.
Watch the video below and be the judge:


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